A New Media Project for Minot

With the Spring of 2013 unfolding a lot like 2011 I’d expect some renewed interest in this site. I’m not presently updating it, but I will be taking a close look at many of the old links and resources soon.

That said, there’s a new project under way here: If you’re looking news, opinion, and ideas related to Minot and not just about flooding. Take a look. The Minot Voice

And if you’re wondering about flood protection, we think the City of Minot still has a little learning to do. Check out this article and let us know what you think.

Minot Flood Protection: Have we learned the lessons?

Current Flood Recovery Information & Opinion

Over the past several months rebuilding flooded homes has been a bigger priority than updating this site.  You may still find a couple interesting articles, particularly the Grand Forks Disaster Recovery plan which hopefully is informing the recovery process (you be the judge), but most of the content is relevant to the events of last summer more so than the current state of the recovery process. Continue reading Current Flood Recovery Information & Opinion